Progress report for Special Coaching Program

Title of the Project               :           Building a bright future for Drop Out Dalit Boys and

                 Girls – Special Coaching Programme : Pilot Project forUrkunden

                 Three Years

Project Reporting Period    :           From January 2014 to June 2014

Project Incharge                   :           Dr.A.Arokiasamy – President – PMD

Total No.of Students Selected:        65 (Boys 40 + Girls 25)

Ist Batch                                 :           First Batch – Coaching to continue education

             (January 2014 to June 2014)

IInd Batch                              :           Second Batch will start from July 2014 to

            December 2014

First Year project                 :           January 2014 to December 2014

Project Partner and Sponsoring Agency   :    AVG-UNESCO-School Trier – Germany                Die ersten erfolgreichen Absolventen erhalten ihre Urkunden

Project Implementing Agency in India      :     PMD-Society,Mangalapuram,TN,INDIA


            PMD-Society as a Rural based voluntary social service organization in rural cultural context. We have been focusing our attention of activities on Agriculture-Education-Women Development – Health – Legal Aid and Environment etc., to witness desirable changes on overall impacts towards sustainable rural development and educational empowerment and women empowerment etc., in 150-villages in the past 39-years since 1975.


            In this context, PMD-has taken the challenges of promoting and encouraging the Rural Drop Out students, weak students and slow learners and child labourers etc., in rural context to encourage them to continue their education through special coaching programmes to witness educational empowerment.

            Hence, we started the special coaching program with help of AVG-UNESCO-School-Trier-Germany as pilot project by appointing subject teachers, to conduct special coaching classes for the future benefit of rural poor students. We prepared them well and did our level best in the First Batch of the programme in he past 6-months, to have their own vision and mission with self confidence through special coaching programme with the support of their parents and local CBOs in the respective villages. Computer Education have also been given to these students to get interest in computer knowledge in the computer world to build them suitably.

Specific Objectives

Selection of Students for the Ist Batch (January 2014 to June 2014)

            After the selection of subject teachers by executive committee of the PMD, we formed the core group to identify the eligible students for the special coaching programme. The subject teachers – made survey in the nearby villages and identified the eligible students with help of Self Help Groups (SHG) and Women Agricultural Development Committee (WADC) and Subject Teachers Association (STA) and Youths Association (YA) and Parent Teachers Association (PTA). Thus we selected the deserving 65 Rural Poor Students in the surrounding villages near PMD-Fraternity centre-Mangalapuram for the First Batch.

Selection of Teachers and Coaching Classes

            We had also successfully selected the subject teachers to teach English-Tamil-Languages and mathematics-Science and Social Sciences and Moral Science etc., to fulfill the needs of the special coaching programme to prepare and motivate the Drop Outs to continue their Education by all means.

Subject Teachers (Selected for Special Coaching)

  1. Mr.S.Grorge – M.A.,M.Ed., English and Tamil
  2. Mrs.Jasie – B.Sc.,M.Ed., Mathematics and Health Education
  3. Mr.A.Salethaiyan – B.Sc.,M.A.,M.Ed.,Science and Moral Eduation
  4. Mr.S.Venkatesan B.Sc.,B.Ed.,Computer Education
  5. Mrs.Viji B.A.,B.Ed., Basic Health Education – and Government Welfare Programme

The subject teachers used to come to PMD-Centre regularly to conduct classes from 10.00 AM to 1.30 AN and in the after noon 2.30 PM to 5.00 PM as per the time table on subject wise.

      As per the time table, the subject teachers took the classes for the rural poor students with close watch and with individual attention to understand their needs with special care and attention. They used to prepare the key question to enable the students to answer for all such subject questions in a simple way on examination point of view to write public examination in a reasonable way to enable the drop outs and weak students to participate in the class with interest and also to understand the subjects thoroughly well to write their exam with self confidence.

Teaching and Learning Material

            Each and every students, were given reading and writing materials (pen-note books-books compass box – scale and rubber) and charts etc., for their easy learning. Computer facilities were also made available for them to learn computer easily.

Back Ground Informations and Bio data of Individual Student

1. Name of the Student : E.Iswariya-Female aged 17 yrs. Drop Outs in XII standard she hails from very poor untouchable Dalit Community in Palayam Village. There are five members in her family. All are unskilled Agricultural labourers. She belongs to landless daily agricultural labourer family. Their main source of income is on daily agricultural labour. Hence her parents are not worried about her studies. Their prime aim is to get some thing to eat every day without starvation regularly, due to poverty and struggle for survival etc., She used to go for daily wage with their parents.

            In this context we met her in her village to know about her problem to continue her education in the regular school-she told the following reasons for her discontinuity as drop out to study in the school.

Causes of the Problem to Continue Education

ü      She did not have sufficient dress to look decently with other students in the school

ü      Unable to get food sufficiently in her house

ü      Unable to buy reading and writing material due to poverty and lack of supports and encouragements in her house

ü      She did not have school bag to carry all her books and writing materials like other students.

ü      Due to drinking water problem their parents forced her to fetch water than to go to school

ü      Parents are struggling for survival due to heavy loan on high rate of interest from the middle man and money lenders

ü      As she lives in the huts, she is unable to use light facilities for her daily studies and do her Home work etc.,

ü      Nobody has studied in her house – hence no interest in Education

Having listened all her complaints and grievances, we convinced the girl and her parents to send her for the special coaching programme by giving all sorts of assurances and opportunity available for her better studies and better tomorrow etc/. with some witnessing examples to enable them to understand the reality. Then she joined in the special coaching programme.

Now she was able to complete her studies successfully through special coaching program, in the First Batch. She was able to bring out her hidden talents with competitive spirit.

She has given assurance to continue her education finally and also decided to become a qualified nurse in the future to serve for the community and ailing mothers in a reasonable way by fetching good income for the family without starvation.

2. Name of the Student : D.Clinton S/o Donbosco – aged 15 yrs. Dropouts in X standard. He hails from Melarungunam Village. There are 5-members in the family. He is the youngest in the family. Due to drought, his parents used to migrate frequently to work in the brick chamber for their daily bread and survival. Hence, his parents are not interested in his education. This situation caused him to become irregular to go for school. His needs are not fulfilled by his parents.

            Due to poverty and depend upon daily wage for their survival, his parents are unable to provide him dress and reading and writing materials for his studies. Hence he discontinued his studies and used to go with heir parents to work in the brick chamber in the agricultural field for daily wage. We came to know about this boy at the time of village survey by subject teachers.

In this context, we convinced his parents and advised the boy to join in the special coaching programme, explaining all his better future through continuation of education and also the importance of special coaching etc., Then his parents were pleased and satisfied and agreed to send him for the special coaching program. He joined in the coaching program. He has now successfully completed his studies in special coaching and continue his education. He has decided to become a graduate teacher in the future to support his family to get rid of poverty and starvation. This is his vision and mission in life now.

3. Name of the Student : Sathya Daughter of Elumalai – aged 17 yrs. Drop outs in X standard. She hails from sengamedu village. Her parents are agricultural labourers. There are 5-members in her family. Due to poverty and drought condition, she became dropouts. She started going for daily wage with her parents by discontinuing her studies. She lives in a hut. Hence, unable to keep her books and writing material properly and safely in the huts. All are illiterates in her family. Hence she is not either encouraged or guided to continue education. Being a young girl, after, puberty her parents are not interested to send her to school as per the rural culture. They wanted to get her marry at the early age.

            In this context, when we made village survey, we found the pathetic condition of the girl and also found her interest to continue education. Then we convinced her parents to send her for special coaching programme.

            She attended the special coaching programme and now she continue her education in the regular school. She has decided to continue education and also decided to become a Doctor in the future to look after her family with dignity without poverty. She is confident to continue her education with will power.

4. Name of the Boy is A.Sundar S/o Arunagiri aged 17 yrs. and untouchable Dalit Boy-dropouts in X standard and hail from agricultural-landless poor family from Kandachipuram village. There are 5-members in the family. Their main source of income is daily wage on agricultural activities (unskilled labourer).

            The boy became dropouts due to lack of dress and supports and provision of reading and writing materials for his studies. As he was irregular in the school, he became very weak in Maths and Science. Hence he become dropout in this context. The subject teachers contacted the boy during village survey and convinced him to continue education.

            They also met his parents and explained the importance of education and future life etc., through education. Then he joined in the special coaching programme and successfully completed his studies. He has decided to become a police officer in the future to look after his poor family to get basic needs and also to construct one concrete roofed house with all infrastructural facilities in the future. He is now with full of interest and commitment to continue his education with foresight and self confidence.

5. Name of the Student : Kavitha D/o Sadaiyan – Female- aged 19 yrs. Dropouts in XII standard hail from untouchable rural poor Dalit community in Athiyur Thirukkai village. There are 5-members in her family. Due to poverty, she was not able to continue her education, through she is interested in continuing education. As she has reached the age of 19-her parents wanted to get her married than to send her to school. Her parents are not interested to spend money for her education and also to buy dress for her studies due to very low income in the family. Due to inferiority complex and without proper uniform and dress she became dropout.

            In this context when she came for youth leadership training programme to PMD-Centre, Mangalapuram. She came to know about the special coaching program. Then she approached the subject teachers and explained her interest to join in the special coaching programme. Then the subject teachers met her parents in her own village and convinced them to undergo special coaching programme for her better tomorrow. She has now successfully completed her studies and decided to join in the Teachers Training school to become a School Teacher.

6. Name of the Student : Tamilarasi D/o Kuppusamy aged-17 yrs. Dropouts in XII standard. Hails from untouchable Dalit Community Kedar village. There are seven children in the family. Main source of income for their survival is agricultural based on daily wage – (unskilled labourers). Lives in the huts without basic needs.

            Due to poverty, her parents are not interested in her education. Hence they were not able to support the girl by providing her dress and educational materials etc., Hence she became dropouts in the middle of the year.

            In this context she wanted to join in the Tailoring Training in PMD Centre. Then she came to know about special coaching program and met the subject teachers. They guided her to join in the special coaching program and also met her parents and convinced them to send her daughter to complete her studies, so that she can either go for higher studies or any professional courses for her better future. Her parents came to PMD-Centre and met the PMD-President and came to know all about rural development activities and the purpose of special coaching etc., They convinced and agreed and sent their daughter whole heartedly for special coaching program. She has now completed her studies and has decided to become a Science Graduate Teacher in the future. She is confident enough to continue her studies.

Impacts of the Program

Conclusion with Appeal

            Herewith we have enclosed photos of special coaching programme with staff members for your kind information and understanding to witness the role of staff members.

            PMD-expect to continue your supports for this programme to witness the real Impacts and empowerment through Education.

If you are able to find our some sources for students summer camp for rural poor students during long summer holiday (50-days) in April and May. We will be able to cover 100 students in a special way to stop dropouts permanently in our project area of operation in the future.

We sincerely and whole heartedly thank you all (AVG) for all your supports and generosity to conduct special coaching programme for Drop outs for their Liberation and Social Change.

2nd July 2014.


                                                                                                          President - PMD