Progress report for Special Coaching Program

Title of the Project               :           Building a bright future for Drop Out Dalit Boys and

                 Girls – Special Coaching Programme : Pilot Project forUrkunden

                 Three Years

Project Reporting Period    :           From January 2014 to June 2014

Project Incharge                   :           Dr.A.Arokiasamy – President – PMD

Total No.of Students Selected:        65 (Boys 40 + Girls 25)

Ist Batch                                 :           First Batch – Coaching to continue education

             (January 2014 to June 2014)

IInd Batch                              :           Second Batch will start from July 2014 to

            December 2014

First Year project                 :           January 2014 to December 2014

Project Partner and Sponsoring Agency   :    AVG-UNESCO-School Trier – Germany                Die ersten erfolgreichen Absolventen erhalten ihre Urkunden

Project Implementing Agency in India      :     PMD-Society,Mangalapuram,TN,INDIA


            PMD-Society as a Rural based voluntary social service organization in rural cultural context. We have been focusing our attention of activities on Agriculture-Education-Women Development – Health – Legal Aid and Environment etc., to witness desirable changes on overall impacts towards sustainable rural development and educational empowerment and women empowerment etc., in 150-villages in the past 39-years since 1975.

TPL_COM_CONTENT_READ_MORESchulabbrecherprogramm 2014 - Zwischenbericht der PMD vom 1. Halbjahr